Organic farming

Following Renzo's death in 1998, his daughter Jacqueline and her husband, Daniel, have continued to manage the winery with his same passion and vision. The first change to be implemented was to eliminate all chemicals from the vineyard and the cellar. Since 2003, Montecalvi has been farmed organically. Great care is taken to make sure the vines are in a position to take care of themselves. The vineyards are pruned according to the Guyot system used in Bordeaux, France.

In late spring, once the shoots begin to grow, a second pruning is carried out. This limits the amount of buds on the vine, and, subsequently, the number of bunches of grapes it will produce. The shoots are then spread in a fan-like manner across the wires in order to encourage ventilation and exposure to the sun.

The vines are green pruned during the summer to obtain a yield of less than 2.2lbs per vine stock In the San Piero vineyard, the yield is 1lb per vine stock By limiting the yield, the vine is in a position to ripen all her grapes. The aim is to harvest grapes with very ripe skins in order to produce naturally concentrated wines. The grapes are harvested by hand at the beginning of October and placed in small stainless steel tanks. No yeasts are added. The grapes are  left to ferment at their own pace.

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