It’s Montecalvi’s intimate size that lies behind the success of our three wines. We know our vineyards like the back of our hand, helping us to tend to each, row by row, vine by vine, bunch by bunch. It is the only way we can ensure that, by the time harvest comes around, the grapes arriving in our cellar are the very best the year can bring.

Whilst our main focus is on Sangiovese, we dedicate the same amount of care to our other principal varieties, Canaiolo and Cabernet Sauvignon, and as such, all are harvested, fermented and aged separately. In this way we nurture the distinct character of each variety so that, when we finally make our blends, they become much more than a mere sum of their parts.

Our wines have very little added and nothing taken away. Winemaking pared down to a minimum. As a result, we’re rewarded with wines that show great depth, elegance and, most important of all, an unmistakable sense of place.

We have three principal vineyards, and each of our three wines comes from a single vineyard.

Le Terrazze

Le Terrazze is our oldest vineyard, planted to Sangiovese in 1932 on dry stonewall terraces. It is one of the oldest surviving vineyards in Tuscany. It is from this vineyard that we produce our Vigna Vecchia – with 100% old Sangiovese.


Montecalvi, planted in 1991 to Sangiovese (R23). This produces our Chianti Classico.

San Piero

San Piero, planted in 2001 to Cabernet Sauvignon, with a little Merlot and Syrah.  From this vineyard we make our San Piero.

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Montecalvi Wines

Chianti Classico

Sangiovese is one of a handful of varieties able to produce wines that express boundless complexity and abundant elegance in equal measure. Chianti Classico is Sangiovese's viticultural epicentre and Montecalvi's Chianti Classico is the beating heart of our estate. Produced almost entirely from Sangiovese from our Montecalvi vineyard, where the unusually sandy soils give an added touch of finesse to this already supple and elegant wine.

San Piero

Cabernet Sauvignon is not the first variety that comes to mind when thinking of indigenous Tuscan grapes but it nevertheless forms an integral part of the viticultural landscape of Tuscany. San Piero is a single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon that shows perfectly why this variety has made its home, not only in Tuscany but also here, on our estate. The darker fruit and grainy tannins are unmistakably Cabernet Sauvignon but the character of this wine is unquestionably Montecalvi.


Not just a single vineyard Sangiovese, but Sangiovese from a single, ancient, Vigna Vecchia that's over 80 years old. Each of the old, gnarled vines that remain on our Le Terrazze vineyard yield literally a handful of grapes which means we produce a mere handful of bottles of VV each vintage. Fewer grapes per vine, and especially old vines can mean big, concentrated wines and with any other variety this might have been the case. Yet whilst concentration is one thing VV could never be accused of lacking, this old-vine Sangiovese is nevertheless a veritable gentle giant.