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Zuppa di Farro con Olio Nuovo

Ancient grains form a very important part of the Tuscan diet. The pasta here is rarely made from highly refined modern flour, and ancient grains such as farro, orzo, kamut and polenta (coarsely ground cornmeal) are seen frequently in home cooking. These are pillars of the Mediterranean diet and when combined with seasonal vegetables, couldn’t […]

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Wine in Art, Art in Wine

Over the centuries, wine has inspired artists and poets alike with the first evidence in pictorial representations (bas-relief) of ancient Egyptian art, dating back to the fourth millennium BC. Valued for its sacral, curative and funereal value (evident in the finding of grape seeds in Egyptian tombs), wine has been depicted during feasts and ceremonies […]

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What is a Super Tuscan?

A great Super Tuscan is, without question, an unofficial star of the Italian wine scene and yet there it is no single definition of the term ‘Super Tuscan’ — largely because these wines are not defined by either grape variety or specific origin. What we can say is that Super Tuscans are red wines made […]

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The perfect Focaccia

Many food historians believe that focaccia was born with the Etruscans in North Central Italy in the days before the Roman Empire, although we can also see its roots traced through unleavened flatbread throughout the Mediterranean basin. The name, however, derives from the Roman ‘panis focacius’, a bread cooked over the ashes of a fireplace.There […]

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In the vineyard at Montecalvi

At Montecalvi, we have a little over four hectares under vine, spread across five different vineyards. Le Terrazze is our oldest and finest vineyard, planted on dry stone-wall terraces in 1932, making it one of the oldest vineyards in Tuscany. Then we have the Montecalvi vineyard (in three parcels) which was first planted to Sangiovese […]

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Gardens of Tuscany

It is that time of the year when Tuscany is in full bloom and visiting some of its gardens can take you on an historical, cultural and botanical journey. We’ve shortlisted some of our favourites for you. The Boboli Gardens, Florence majestic oasis nestled behind the Pitti Palace is one of the most glorious […]

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Definition of Greve in Chianti, il nostro territorio

The 11 UGAs include: Greve, Radda, Lamole, Panzano, Gaiole, Castelnuovo Berardenga, Vagliagli, Castellina, San Donato in Poggio, San Casciano, and Montefioralle. In each location, soil composition, elevation and exposure can give a very distinctive stylistic difference and this site-specific delineation is aimed to help navigate the larger melting pot of Chianti Classico. In the words […]

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La schiacciata con l’Uva

It cannot be said that life in Tuscany is always straightforward. But when it is, it is ‘the ultimate form of sophistication’ (so said Leonardo da Vinci). This bread is exactly that. It is tied inextricably to the harvest and is traditionally made using the Canaiolo grape; if you cannot put your hands on Canaiolo […]

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Antiques markets in Tuscany

It is hard to resist a good antiques market and now that the weather is cooling, it’s the perfect moment to begin exploring. We have shortlisted a few of our favourite markets in the region, some of which are more flea than antique but it is always fun browsing the miscellaneous hand tools, picture frames, […]

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