The Almanac

In our almanac, we share with you what is happening at Montecalvi, the ups and downs of organic farming, and our endeavours to make wine (and olive oil) that best expresses time and place. We also share our favourite recipes from our vegetable garden, and other miscellany about life in Tuscany.


During the winter months the pace slows down, although there is still much work to be done in the vineyard. Pruning while the vine is in a state of hibernation is an important element of viticulture and winemaking. It creates the skeletal system of the vine according to the chosen training system and allows the […]

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From the Orto: Fava beans

The Fava bean season is very short so we want to take advantage of it. Ideal on bruschetta, as a side dish, in salads…but our favorite dish is the Tagliatelle with Fava Beans, Pecorino and Pancetta. It can also be prepared without bacon for a vegetarian dish, but we love it for its tastiness and […]

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News from the vineyard

Before the world changed in 2019, we decided to remove an acre of vineyard that had “wet feet” and needed more than a little TLC. In spring 2020, we planted three different Sangiovese clones: the Brunello clone VCR5, #7 of the Chianti Classico 2000 project, and I-VCR-209. These may be just letters and numbers to […]

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New team members

We would like to introduce Silvia and Karin, our fabulous team for hosting, all sales and visits (among other things). With a background in tourism (both have worked in other wineries in Tuscany, Silvia still organizes e-bike tours throughout the region, and Karin runs her agriturismo), they speak a plethora of languages-Italian, Dutch, English, French, […]

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From the garden

Speaking of Oliviero’s sausages, this dish is the perfect accompaniment to our Chianti Classico and makes a wonderful weekend lunch. CHESTNUT NOODLES WITH SAUSAGE, LEEK AND SAGE CHESTNUT FLOUR NOODLES WITH SAUSAGE, LEEKS AND SAGE Serves 4 people 160 g of chestnut flour 250 g “00” flour 70 ml of water 2 eggs 250 g […]

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