Gardens of Tuscany

It is that time of the year when Tuscany is in full bloom and visiting some of its gardens can take you on an historical, cultural and botanical journey. We’ve shortlisted some of our favourites for you.

The Boboli Gardens, Florence
This majestic oasis nestled behind the Pitti Palace is one of the most glorious city gardens imaginable. Residence of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany for four centuries, the gardens were commissioned by the Medici family and have subsequently inspired many European courts. Decorated with intermittent architectural antiquities including Neptune’s Fountain and the statue of Abundance by Giambologna, it is a feast for the eyes and a haven away from the bustle of Florence offering wonderful views over the city and beyond.

Gamberai Villa and Garden, Settignano (Florence)
Located in the hills of Settignano, Gamberai is nestled in a rural oasis but still has stunning views over the city of Florence. It is rarely over-crowded and features many original Renaissance design elements that have been studied and written about over the centuries. The gardens are sometimes closed for private events, so you need to check their website to ensure it’s open for a visit.

Poggio Torselli Villa and Garden, San Casciano Val di Pesa
Located in San Casciano near Florence, Poggio Torselli Villa is one of the most opulent residences in the area. Throughout the centuries, this magnificent estate has been owned by some of the most esteemed Tuscan families including the Machiavelli, Corsini, Strozzi, Antinori, Capponi and Orlandini families.
Its garden of the seasons offers a vibrant palette throughout the year with amazingly diverse flora and landscaping as well as an impressive collection of citrus trees.

Villa Garzoni and Gardens, Collodi (Pistoia)
The domineering façade of Villa Garzoni stands on a hill almost obscuring the village of Collodi. The historic Garzoni gardens are without question one of the most beautiful gardens of Italy where Renaissance geometry and elements of the Baroque (including grottoes, carved boxwood hedges, abundant statutes, peacocks and bamboo forests) combine in perfect synergy. As they host a number of private events, calling ahead is recommended.

La Foce, Pienza/Montepulciano
Located in the undulating scenery of the Val d’Orcia, La Foce is the former estate of Iris Origo (if you haven’t read it, War in Val d’Orcia is a wonderful summer read – and the gardens created by Cecil Pinsent in the early 20th Century perfectly combine the Italian and English styles. The garden can only be visited on certain days and booking is essential but it warrants the journey.