Harvest time. What this year has given us.

The 2022 growing season was dominated by summer heat, where we recorded temperatures about 5˚C above average, and a distinct lack of precipitation, which was absent from April to August. As it happens, our established vineyards have faced the season exceptionally well, with very little heat stress, a testament, we think, to our particular terroir and the health (and breadth and depth) of the root systems.

We were more nervous about the well-being of our new plants, but they held up surprisingly well to the conditions, even though they were then very happy to see the rains at the end of August. We harvested our white grapes at the beginning of September, but did not start picking red fruits until September 22, early but not as early as others-for example, growers from Franciacorta to Sicily were picking fruit in early August. However, this is not something that can be easily done with Sangiovese: this native Tuscan grape does not appreciate haste. So, there is little to do but wait, with patience but also some agitation.

The lack of rain meant that there was no risk of disease in our vineyards, the grapes grew in small tight clusters and were perfectly healthy at the beginning of veraison. In vintages like this, there is always a feeling that yield will also be reduced, and that is certainly true, but we also have a feeling at this stage that the quality is very promising. Now the wines will take their time in the cellar to grow and develop, and we look forward to sharing them with you in a couple of years.