Impressions of the 2020 vintage

The 2020 season was very favorable overall. At the end of March there was a cold spell with hailstorms that partially reduced our yield but without creating much damage to the vines or the buds, the future clusters. The summer was long, dry, hot, but not excessively so, creating a healthy environment around the vines and their fruit. This year’s harvest was a waiting game.

We started harvesting on September 20 but with the intrusion of some seasonal storms, we could only finish on October 9. Thank goodness, the clusters were healthy and we brought grapes to the winery with ideal levels of sugars, acidity and polyphenols-a good ‘synchronicity’ as the winemakers say. Knock on wood, we predict that 2020 will be one of the best vintages-not exaggerated, not a bomb, but a great and solid vintage, similar to 1998 or 2006. Make room in the basement!