Introducing our new white Wine

The Viognier grape is, these days, more often than not associated with France (think Condrieu and Languedoc) but it is in fact a grape of ancient origin (probably) from the Dalmatian coast and introduced elsewhere by the Romans. It is, so it is said, closely related to the Piedmont varieties, Freisa and Nebbiolo. It was almost extinct as recently as the 1960s but has become increasingly popular as a varietal due to its ability to present aromatic, full bodied white wines of real complexity.

It is, however, little known and little grown in Italy, and when our winemaker, Tim Manning, was offered a small parcel of organic Viognier we thought: now wouldn’t that be interesting!

So, we are very pleased to introduce our Viognier 2022. Organic fruit, hand-picked, barrel fermented, aged in old French oak tonneaux for 12 months, low SO2, lightly filtered before bottling. We leave it to you but our tasting note says delicate aromas of stone fruit (white peach and apricot), nicely balanced acidity, textured and rounded palate with a long, lovely finish. We hope you like it as much as we do.

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