Montecalvi extra virgin olive oil

The year 2020 was an excellent year for Tuscan olives. The olive crop can vary markedly from year to year due to pruning cycles, the weather, and then undoubtedly there are the many hazards that can arise when growing organically but this year, the quality is 5-star and the trees have yielded abundant fruit.

Montecalvi has 300 olive trees, divided almost entirely into three cultivars: Correggiolo, Frantoio and Moraiolo. These indigenous varieties produce a bold and spicy oil; the perfect oil for pasta and farro, lentils and chickpeas, root vegetables and slow-cooked recipes. Our freshly pressed oil is rich in polyphenols to sustain you through the winter-just what we need this year more than ever.

Order it now ( We also look forward to being in your kitchens and not just on your table. Good bruschetta!