During the winter months the pace slows down, although there is still much work to be done in the vineyard. Pruning while the vine is in a state of hibernation is an important element of viticulture and winemaking. It creates the skeletal system of the vine according to the chosen training system and allows the selection of the optimal fruiting shoot or spur to influence the quality and quantity of grapes that will go into the wine.

Any avid gardener will say that pruning is vital to stabilizing a plant’s growth-the work done now will also be useful for the following season. Since each vine has the capacity to produce a total amount of fruit based on leaf area and photosynthetic activity, with winter pruning we aim to limit the number of buds and control vegetation in order to allow the vine to do its best.

This requires insight and experience. You have to know every vine, every tract of land, every slope, and you have to understand the potential of every plant. This work is in the capable hands of our vineyard manager, Yahya El Harchaoui, and under the guidance of our agronomist, Marco Pierucci.