Laura Vegni runs our cantina and also feeds us all throughout the vendemmia. Laura lives in the neighbouring hamlet of Montefioralle, which looks down on Greve in Chianti. Her family has lived there for generations and, in one way or another, they have worked on the Montecalvi property for years. She is a vital part of our team, often described as the glue holding us all together.

When did you start working at Montecalvi?
I’ve worked at Montecalvi for more than ten years but my family has had a connection with Montecalvi for generations. I worked with the Bolli family (the former owners) and, since 2017, for the Drake family as the new owners of Montecalvi.

Describe Montecalvi to us. What makes it so special?
Over the years, I have often used the expression ‘magical’ to describe Montecalvi. For me it is a truly magical place that transmits serenity. Even if the road wasn’t always simple, we have overcome all of the challenges. I feel fortunate to breathe the same air as my family. My aunt was born here, many of my relatives spent time here, my parents got engaged here. We have enjoyed countless family events, picnics and even weddings at Montecalvi. So much of this is in the past, but I can imagine from their stories their joy and happiness at being united together in this place.

What is your memory of the arrival of the Drakes at Montecalvi in 2017?
I will never forget the first day I saw Jim and his beautiful family. It had been raining for several days and there was mud everywhere. Instead of being disgruntled, they had smiles on their faces. I immediately felt that they have fallen in love with Montecalvi, just like us, how beautiful!
I am struck by the great respect they have for those of us who have been working here for many years and for what we do. They have always believed in us. Often, when I speak about them with my friends, they are envious that I work in such an atmosphere, it’s a rare thing!

What is your favourite corner of Montecalvi?
I don’t have a particular favourite place at Montecalvi. Each time I enter the gate and look at the views, I always say, how MARVELLOUS! The views differ with the seasons, but they are all wonderful.

Which Montecalvi wine would you choose to share?
The wine that I always share with family and friends is our Chianti Classico. It is always on our family table – and right now we are thoroughly enjoying the 2018. I know it intimately. I appreciate it and it comes naturally to share it with my friends.